How to buy real Anavar in USA?

Buy real anavar from Alpha Pharma in USA

If you ever wondering how to buy legit and real Anavar in USA this article might help you.

How to recognize real Anavar pills on the steroid market?

Real Oxanabol for sale (Anavar 10mg x 50 tabs) Alpha Pharma

Anavar is the most popular substance for bulking and cutting periods in bodybuilding and can be found if you Google it, out there are many various brands for this magic pills (Oxandrolone) this is also the original generic substance name but how to recognize real and 100% legit anavar — find out.

Trick is in brand which produce Anavar for bodybuilding!

As we mentioned above out there is many Oxan pills but generic and authentic brand have their original names and quantity per bottle or box.

TOP 3 Oxandrolone brand on the steroid market:

  1. Oxanabol (Anavar) produced originally 10mg x 50 tabs by Alpha Pharma Mumbai — India
  2. Glonavar 10 (Anavar) produced by Global Anabolics 10 mg x 100 tablets per bottle
  3. Anavar 10 mg x 50 tablets from Meditech Pharmaceuticals

With these 3 different kind of Anavar brands you are safe because they are real and produced by GMP (good manufacturing product) license and probably one of the best ever made because long time on the market and recognized by many athletes and professional bodybuilding clubs also gyms.

Buy anavar Meditech 10 mg x 50 tablets

Real Anavar tablets will always give maximal results in four weeks without extra products in cycles!

Only authentic and real Anavar pills will give you maximal results in bulking and cutting process tested and authentic Anavar supplier

Which products can be combined in Anavar cycles for lean or bulking

Anavar cycles are mostly known for females and lean quality muscle mass and can be combined with other oral steroids such as Anadrol or Dianabol. Always recommended to take liver protection pills with Oxandrolone cycle such as Samarin 140 or Liv 52. You can found perfect beginner and professional steroid cycles plan here.

Real Anavar steroid cycles and plan

On the USA market Anavar are mostly used in beginner steroid cycles and for people which don t want to inject steroids so this is best option for increasing strength and muscles in short period of time.

Anavar brings some side effects

Yes this is very strong oral AAS (anabolic androgenic steroid) and also bring some side effects such as:

Increased sexual desire 
 Skin color change 
 In other hands Anavar is in category of most safest oral steroids and only effect problem is androgenic rating which is around 24.


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