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For everyone who want to know about one of the strongest anabolic substance. Anyone who is on another (higher) level of bodybuilding or professional sport looking for Trenbolone because nothing can be compared to a “Tren” substance in bodybuilding.

Trenbolone benefits in bodybuilding — roidspro
Trenbolone (Tren) molecule

It’s no wondering why medical studies shows great aesthetic improvements in human while using Trenbolone in steroid cycles.

Trenbolone (TREN) is used for anabolic growth-promotion in over 20 million cattle annually and continues to be misused for aesthetic purposes in humans. The current study investigated TREN’s effects on body composition and cardiometabolic risk factors; and its tissue-selective effects on the cardiovascular system, liver and prostate

3 major benefits to expect while using Trenbolone from online

A perfect physique (body definition): Maybe you are wondering but this is a complete truth. No other injectable steroids cannot provide a perfect body look in short period of time than Trenbolone. With just a two or three steroid cycle with Tren, you body will be amazingly looking in way of great vascularity and lean mass will be presented in best possible way as well.

This product will increase everything possible in your body, from nitrogen retention to amazing strength!

A HUGE strength — How Trenbolone increase strength so easily? Tren will bring you a whole new level of strength than any other injectable AAS. The effect will be similar if you taking Stanozolol (Winstrol) but much much more efficient and powerlifting will be a easiest thing in a gym now!

Protein synthesis — Never better and larger! If you are using a real Trenbolone from online you will find out in shortly that every gram of protein you have intake will be processed in your body to your muscles, no more protein waste!

Trenbolone benefits from online — roidspro
Before and After Trenbolone cycle

What is the best way of using Trenbolone?

There is no “perfect way or dosage” to take Tren but some steroid forums says different stories about intake of Trenbolone. We recommend using lower dosages because this substance is extremely strong and may be harmful if overdose it. Some bodybuilders usually takes one up to two gram of Tren per week in whole cycle but some professional experts which tested Trenbolone from online market says: “Tren Acetate should be taken in cycle with dosage of 200–250 mg per week” It is really hard and strong substance and need to be taken with care and lower dosages should need to show a great results. (If we are talking about real Trenbolone brands). On the other hand Trenbolone Enanthate seems a bit “lighter” Tren version so experts recommend dosage of 300–350 mg per week.

If you follow up these dosages, side effects should not exist or will be minimal.

Does Trenbolone require a PCT (Post cycle treatment) ?

Clomid Biolab for steroid cycle (PCT) roidspro
Clomid (PCT) molecule

Like any other professional steroid cycle, PCT is required for the best experience and of course for minimum side effects caused by strong anabolic substances such Trenbolone are. Clomid (Comiphene) or Nolvadex is the best choice in Tren cycle to take with. Will be great anti estrogen choice which may be caused while using Trenbolone. HCG also can be added if hormone level gets low.

Trenbolone cycle only or not — pros and cons

Because Tren is one of the strongest substance, only cycle should need to be enough but if we speak about PROFESSIONAL results and competition needs, some products inside cycle will be helpful.

Testosterone goes for a great combination. Testosterones Enanthate or Cypionate will great stack with your tren, dosages depend on mass and workout and which results you want to achieve.

Nandrolone Decanoate (Deca) — why not? This product is also very popular in Trenbolone cycles (of course for pro needs only). Bodybuilders doing research and testing compounds in cycles all the time, many of them reported “hulk strength” comes with Deca with Trenbolone combination.

The difference between Boldenone (EQ) and Trenbolone

Boldenone Equipoise for sale — roidspro
Boldenone (EQ) molecule

As you maybe wondering what is a difference between those two anabolic compound because they are similar in molecular structure — here is the answer! Trenbolone is only a faster acting substance, Equipoise will provide equal effect, just slower.

Versions presented of Tren products

Depending on lab you decide to purchase Trenbolone can be in various presentation and the most popular is: 10ml multidose vial for injection and 1 ml apoules, mostly packaged by 10 pieces. Dosages may be various but the most popular is 100 – 200 mg per ml, while some labs offering 75 mg per ml of Trenbolone.

Trenbolone have different esters presented as well

What side effects to expect while use Trenbolone in bodybuilding?

No wondering about Tren side effects, substance with strong effect as this one must bring a bad things as well. Specially if you overdose it so think twice before planning your Trenbolone cycle.

  • Hair loss 
    Don’t think will cause hair loss by individual but many professional athletes reported losing hair in post cycle treatment of Trenbolone
  • Endurance lost 
    Cardio training will be much harder and endurance while using trenbolone will be decreased a lot. Body needs time to recover but if you run more cycles with Tren (more than once) body will regain endurance back.
  • Rage
    Feeling as Hulk while someone looks at your gf in gym is not a unusual effect of this product. Rage and aggressive behavior is one of the side effect for sure.

Final conclusion of Trenbolone

Tren is really outstanding steroid which will provides amazing results in a few cycles. Professional bodybuilding require this product more and more. No other product will gives such a lot of great tone and shape as Tren.

Parabolin Alpha Pharma Trenbolone — roidspro
Parabolin (Tren) Alpha Pharma Healthcare

The catch is to find real Trenbolone for sale. It will not be an easy task because many fake and undergound labs want a piece of cake in this industry so be careful while choosing your online steroid supplier and think twice before decide to start cycle with this one. Fake and underground labs may be more harmful and brings a terrible side effects. Do not save cost while buying Tren, real thing is a not cheap but hey we talk about one of the best possible lean mass steroid.


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