7 Top steroids from online and real steroid cycles guide

Anabolic steroids by definition is firstly used in medical treatments, mainly purpose of steroids is to treat, cure and prevent some disease such as muscle dystrophy, AIDS or HIV, increasing low or lack of testosterone and etc.. From Wikipedia we can find some information about steroids definition but not in depth.

If you visit a main video streaming company and website – Youtube you will find dozens of video material from people who experience with steroids but you cannot find nothing about real steroid brands or how to buy steroids form online market. These kind and type of advertising is forbidden since 2014 so all videos about steroids usage in depth is deleted.

We found this interesting video which explains using steroid cycle and what you can expect form steroids usage after 1 year- a complete body transformation!

Anabolic steroids for bodybuilding instead of treat and cure diseases 

Medical News Today posted a really nice and simple blog post about steroids and their side effects.
https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/246373.php but still we cannot get more information here about dosages, cycles or which steroid brands you can trust.

Very nice in few words is explained why steroids in bodybuilding:

Anabolic steroids are used for some medical conditions, but people also use them illegally in some sports settings. They use them to boost muscle mass, performance, and endurance and to shorten recovery time between workouts

Source: medicalnewstoday.com

Anabolic steroids categories and definition for what is used 

To get this subject more simple and for beginners in this field to better understand we will divide steroids into four major categories.

  • Anabolic steroids for bulking and mass 
  • Steroids for lean mass, cutting and weight loss
  • Beginner steroids and cycles 
  • Advanced (steroids for professionals) and cycles
These four categories make all much simple and easier to understand why steroids is used and when. 

Anabolic steroids for bulking and muscle mass 

There is about 10 different kind of steroids for this purpose but we will make execption and mention the best and major products for this effects. Bulking and gaining some pounds while strength is growing is not possible without quality anabolic steroids even they are oral or injectables one. 
steroids for bulking online
Bulking with steroids before and after
In this blog we will not give attention how much is risk to take steroids and which side effects they can cause. It’s already full of interent with those information. We will give much attention to products and how they work. 
Of course it is not recommended for beginners to take and experiment with injection steroids so we will again divide bulking steroids into oral and injectable category.

Best oral steroids from genuine brands for bulking purposes (beginner)

  • Dianabol (Methandienone) is a kind of beginner steroid category and provides amazing muscle mass in short period of time. Can be used in stack with other anabolics and just by itself will gives impressive results in a few weeks. To read and learn more about Dianabol for sale check this out.
  • Anadrol (Oxymetholone) this product will provide amazing strength and endurance so in the same time while workout you will loose less energy and gaining muscle mass will never been easier!
    From the online market you will find several Anadrol brands but to understand which is the best one and what you need and looking for is very well described in this blog about real Anadrol for sale
  • Anavar (Oxandrolone) this is product is also called “king of oral steroids” because do not aromatize and females also can use it without side effects like male characteristics. Anavar is great also because can be used for bulking AND cutting cycles. Improves strength and muscle mass without water retention. Here is a great blog about real Anavar from online market.

Best injectable steroids for bulking properties (advanced bodybuilding)

  • Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate) is definitely most spread and the most used injectable steroid for bulking among professional bodybuilding. Deca is described as crown of steroids because discovered long time ago and firstly produced by German scientist back in 1950’s. In the first time of appearing this product is mainly produced by Bayer Schering and Organon lab. Today we can find dozens of manufacturers. This blog best describe genuine deca durabolin from online. Today you can find several kind of deca’s and dosages but the mainly used is 250 mg per ml.
  • .Boldenone (Boldenone Undecylenate) “Bold” is categorized as very strong anabolic steroids and recommended to people who really know how to use it. It is firstly discovered back in 1960’s and mainly used for horses and for medical treatments. This injectable steroid will provide very nice bulk mass and strength and in most cases goes in combination with other injections. It is also used for bulking and cutting properties and while in cutting cycle must go with Winstrol or Trenbolone. This anabolic compound is not a joke and need to be taken with care and in smaller dosages because can bring some serious side effects. Greatly described and more about Boldenone and how to use in bodybuilding you can find here.
  • Sustanon (Testosterone blend) Sustanon is actually all you need in one product. This injectable steroid compound is actually Testosterone blend which is made from four esters in general but can have up to six esters mixed together. It is very well known that increasing testosterone level our strength and muscle goes crazy. We can lift up more and moving limits very fast which is not possible with other products easily. Sustanon is also product for advanced bodybuilders and can be very well combined with Deca Durabolin. Sustanon is firstly produced with four esters also back in mid of 1960’s but today we can find various version of Sustanon blends. Still the major one and the most popular is Sustanon 250.

Lean mass steroids for cutting properties (beginner and advanced)

If we are talking about losing some weight while remain our muscle mass the same, then without steroids that will not be possible. In many occasions bodybuilders need to get rid of water in their body and lose some weight but in same time get ripped body and toned muscles. There is specialized steroids for that as well.

lean mass steroids for sale
Ripped body with lean mass steroids

  • Winstrol (Stanozolol) is the most used and great working steroid for loosing water and getting well ripped and vascularity body shape. This product get big popularity because its the ONLY ONE who comes in both version oral and injectable. So can be used in beginner stage and professional as well among bodybuilders. Definition of real stanozolol for sale can be found here. This product also have a nickname worldwide known as “Winny”
  • Masteron (Drostanolone Propionate) “Mast Depot” is professional and advanced substance and cannot be used without knowledge of professional athlete or sport. This is mostly used substance wit pre-contest and goes in combination with Winstrol in the most cases. Masteron is one of the most expensive injectable steroid and comes in 100 mg per ml in the most cases. Form the online market you can find two version of Masteron and that is Drostanolone Propionate and Enanthate. The major and only difference is fast and long acting effects. Enanthate can be found in 200 mg per ml dosage as well. Complete guide about Masteron for sale can be found if you just Google-it.
  • Primobolan (Metenolone) Again we must mention one of the advanced product. And that is very well known “Primo” very expensive and also kind of product which comes in injectable and oral version. However oral version is very expensive if from real lab and is not recommended because in most cases will make damage to your liver. Primobolan for cutting and lean mass is known among professional bodybuilders and also used for very well toned musle mass and improved vascularitiy. Half life is longer than from any other steroid and its around 10 days. If used in bulking steroid cycles the most popular version is with Anadrol and Deca Durabolin. Metenolone Enanthate is product which you can easily find from online market, while Metenolone Acetate oral version of Primo is quite hard to find and only a few labs and pharmacies from online market offer this kind of product. All you need to know about Primobolan can be found from forum and similar sites.

Steroid cycles and how to choose the right one for you!

Steroid cycles in definition is combination of products which together will give more than any product by itself. Steroid cycles are in the most cases prepared by experts or professional trainers and bodybuilders.
Again this cycles are divided into 2 major categories. Beginner steroid cycles and advanced (for professional bodybuilders). Of course if you are amateur and never experience and test steroids you cannot take shot of 200 mg of Deca per week with Testosterone Enanthate or Sustanon for example. Beginner cycles starts with oral products and PCT (post cycle therapy) in most cases. What is PCT and how to take it we will explain later. Before buying and testing some cycle you need to know what exactly to achieve. Nobody knows the best steroids formula so these days you still can find a lot of discussion about steroid cycles and which is the best one. We prepare some the most preferred products combo used today. The other major benefits of cycles is saving money. If you purchase products in bulk rather than one by one you can safe (in the most cases). Many steroid suppliers from online market offering 10 – 20 % off if purchased products in bulk.

Best and most used beginner steroid cycles by experts 

Beginner cycle should need to go with Dianabol for the 8 week if you want bulk your mass and increase strength in the same time. Here is the example of Dianabol cycle for eight weeks.PCT cycle included!
buy dianabol steroid cycle for mass
Mass gain cycle with Dianabol 8 weeks
The other option for beginners (females also) is the Anavar. “Var” is great product for strength and because low androgenic effects can be used more than once and its great for cutting properties as well. Anavar cycle with Clenbuterol is all you need for lean quality while keep given muscles. 
steroid cycle anavar for sale
Steroid cycle with Anavar and Clenbuterol
This cycle will takes about four weeks in total and PCT products also included. Great deal for affordable price!

Recommended advanced steroid cycles for bulking and cutting properties 

In advanced steroid cycles big role playing injectable products such as Deca Durabolin, Sustanon, Masteron and Winstrol. All of these compound may be combined for perfect results and strength and in most cases used for professional competitions and contest. 
Online market offering hundreds different kind of steroids cycles for bulking and lean mass. This one is chosen by experts and is one of the most used. 
Mass gain steroid cycle should need to last 8 weeks and major role is played by Deca and Sustanon 250. These two compounds is the king in the bulking world and will gives you impressive results together. Of course PCT cycle needed and in the most cases comes all together.
Buy real steroid cycle with Deca and Sustanon 250
Mass gain steroid cycle Deca Durabolin and Sustanon 250
Lean mass and cutting steroid cycle requires money for the main reason because nothing is better for cutting than Masteron, Winstrol and Primobolan. Any steroid cycle with strong compounds which is mentioned here must last at least 12 weeks and in some cases up to 16 weeks because PCT needed for best results and minimum side effects. 
Buy real steroid cycle for lean mass
Lean mass steroid cycle for advanced bodybuilders

As you can see here is three kind of injection steroid with Ovinum and Nolvadex for PCT. It is not a game, these product may be harmful and brings serious side effects if not taken properly. This kind of cycle is recommended for professional stage only and if you experience and test steroids before.

Steroid cycle for volume and strength is the most used and common steroid cycle used by experts and advanced athletes but in the same time beginners who already experienced steroids and want something more – this is the right choice! What is better than Sustanon and Deca Durabolin together, probably not so much product can be compared when those 2 works together. Impressive strength and volume in muscles will increase rapidly and it is recommended to use this cycle for at least 6 – 8 weeks in total with PCT.

buy steroid cycle for strength and muscle volume
Steroid cycle for volume and strength 

Why PCT (post cycle therapy) must go with any steroid cycle

post cycle therapy PCT products for sale
PCT (post cycle treatment) steroids
PCT (post cycle treatment) is needed for several reason and the main is the side effects caused by steroids (in most cases oral). Oral steroids can make big impact and damage to your liver, skin and other organs. Liver toxicity is the main problem while using Dianabol and similar oral anabolic steroids. Today from online market can be found dozens of PCT steroids while Nolvadex (Tamoxifen), Ovinum (Clomid) and Samarin 140 (Milk Thistle) is the mostly used. Of course not only oral steroids brings side effects so protection and PCT is also needed while using strong injectable anabolics such as Trenbolone, Masteron, Winstrol and similar.

PCT cycle can last from 2 up to 4 weeks after steroid cycle is finished so make sure you have enough Anti Estrogen products before starting a cycle.

The most known  reported side effects caused of using steroids:

  • Headache
  • Hot flashes 
  • Acne
  • Bitch tits
  • Nausea 
  • Hard sleeping
  • Sweating
  • Libido decreasing 
  • Aggressive behavior 

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