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If you ever wondering where, how and why bodybuilders get their “juice” and which is the best option for beginners and professional athletes – find out in roidspro blog now!
If you looking for real steroids online you need to know these things before purchasing to not get scammed or to easily avoid using fake and underground labs. 

2020. is here and what to expect from buying steroids online?

In 2020. year just like in 2019. many steroid brands offered from online market but is all of them real and safe for use? For sure answer is NOT. More and more labs producing low quality products and comes at online market trough many steroid suppliers which are in online business over a decades. On that way they supply and expand low quality products for cheap prices and customers buying like crazy because thinks “oh new and cheaper brand” must try…but then what? They become disappointed and looking for tested and old brands which is now not easy to find because market got flooded with fake and low cost products. What is solution and how to avoid this happens to you? Not hard but requires time and money. 

Which steroid brands and products are safe for usage and where to find them?

Older the better, we heard this many time in life but seems some wisdom is behind those words. Some older brands which also called “old school steroid brands” are TESTED, HIGHEST QUALITY and WORKS THE BEST! Do not forget that before buying real steroids online!5 STEROIDS BRANDS WHICH CAN’T MISS IN YOUR BODY TRANSFORMATION:

  1. Alpha Pharma Healthcare (India)
  2. Meditech Pharmaceuticals (Switzerland)
  3.  LA Pharma S.r.l. (Thailand)
  4. Thaiger Pharma (Asia)
  5. British Dispensary (Thailand) 

As you can see from TOP 5 list, obviously the best anabolic steroid brands comes from Asia. If you asking any bodybuilder in USA and UK they will choose in 87% Asia brand rather than Europe. Why? Quality over branding. 

No matter how much steroid marketers promoting some new brand, quality and old school always win the battle! 

So what is the secret to make great anabolic steroid brand?

Is not easy to answer this question in shortly but first will be QUALITY over QUANTITY. Real and authentic steroid brands with long age reputation always thinks on quality firstly than profit, maybe is that their key of success. Quality products, packaging and high class of steroid manufacturing standards which are more and more strictly by years. For etc. in early 2000’s labs and producing standard was much more less than these days! Educated employments, good salaries for labs employments and all of this under three letters – GMP (good manufacturing products) another high test is FDA (food and drug agency). All of mentioned brands above follow up these standards and they stay in top for a decade. 

Authentic and real steroid brands are not cheapest solution!

This is very important to mention. If you planning run some steroid cycle with Deca Durabolin or Anavar for example, don’t think for a 50 or 60 bucks you will run a whole cycle! Do not falling (again) on suspicious and fake “green” kind of steroid promotions. Any real and authentic brand is not offered for a few bucks. We will also mention that Dianabol is one of the cheapest and most recommended legit steroid for beginners from online.

Which products from legit one is the most wanted in bodybuilding?

Most wanted steroid products by roidspro

Nowadayspeople running many different kind of steroid cycles because today is the bigger option and variation of steroid products which can be very well combine into steroid cycle. From beginner to advanced steroid cycles you can find a many many steroid products variations and dosages but lets mention only the Four of the TOP and most wanted steroid products for sale.

  1. Dianabol (Metandienone) beginner and advanced product.

    Dianabol is widely most known product for sure, beginner and advanced bodybuilding steps require Dbol in cycles for bulking and gain mass, not other oral anabolic steroid can bring muscle mass in short period of time, beside that Dianabol is the cheapest steroid solution for the start – highly recommend to start with Dbol if you experience steroids for the first time. Learn more about real Dianabol here.

2. Anavar (Oxandrolone) female and male friendly steroid for bulking and cutting.

Yes you read well, Anavar is most popular product because used for both sex and works perfectly with Clenbuterol in cycles which needs lean mass and cutting periods. Anavar is not the cheapest solution and much more expensive than Clenbuterol or T3 for cutting but in bulking solution no other steroid works better. Recommended to use only if you used steroids before. Anavar is strongest oral substance and needs to be taken with PCT (post cycle therapy) and proper dosing over cycle.
To find TOP Anavar brands and read more about them click here.

3. Deca Durabolin aka Deca nandrolone KING of injectable bulking products!
 Is not overrated to say this is a KING of all steroids. Deca is invented in early 1960’s and its the until that time is the major steroid for professional bodybuilding and mass gainer product. With this (if its real and pure) you can’t miss while bulking your muscles and size. Weight will increase in short period of time, muscles will be more visible and Deca Durabolin shows great results after 4-6 weeks of using periodGreatly stack with other injectables such as Testosterone Enanthate and Sustanon for best performance, with this product you cannot miss. To learn more about legit Deca brands read this!

4. Sustanon (Testosterone blend) secret of successful bodybuilding and volume gain!

We know already that many testosterone are offered at online market. To be more precise its about six different kind of testosterone esters which can significantly improve bulking steroid cycles, the most popular and most used is Testosterone Enanthate, well to not over think which test will works the best for you – Sustanon have all in one! Sustanon is in shortly, testosterone blend which can me mixed up with four or six esters and the most used are:

  • Cypionate 
  • Propionate
  • Enanthate
  • Isocaproate

These four esters are the most used in mix of Sustanon because works great in combination. Sustanon can be found online in many variations, from 250 mg per ml up to 400 mg per ml. The most popular usage is Sustanon 250 which is 250 mg per ml and packaged in 1 ml ampoule or 10 ml multidose vial. Organon Sustanon 250 is one of the oldest testosterone blend and very well known by USA and UK bodybuilders.
To learn more and read about Sustanon and how works visit here.

Educate yourself before using steroids and wisely choose products for cycles!

Here you can find very useful information provided by roidspro and you can learn how to recognize legit and authentic brands and products. Do not test or inject anything, cheapest solution may be the most expensive for your health and condition, all anabolic steroids comes with some side effects if you not run cycles properly and do not forget on Post cycle treatment which is MUST take while running any kind of bulking or lean mass steroids…stay safe and happy building!


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